Commercial – Offices, Retail

We provide a range of Design and Product solutions for commercial premises.

From a state-of-the-art boardroom, to intuitive and automated management of your audio visual, lighting, climate control and security systems and more, Smart Solutions have the power and flexibility to create your perfect office environment.

Our control systems can deliver seamless management of every aspect of your office environment and enables to manage your environment easily - even remotely.


Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants    

Smart Solutions will transform your hotel or venue into an automated ‘smart property’.

Enhance your guests experience and satisfaction by letting him conveniently control the lights, blinds, TV from a central point of control with the use of a touch panel.

Centrally control lighting, a/c, security, digital signage and distributed audio and video throughout the venue and save energy at the same time.


Residential – Villas, Apartments

At Smart Solutions, we transform your house into a breathtakingly automated, intuitive, functional home. With a smart home, the house takes care of you. Whether it's to simply replace the messy clutters of remotes on your table with an elegant touch-screen master controller that will dim your lights, turn on your  A/C, open your curtains with a single touch, to playing your favorite song whenever you walk in, our team of dedicated professional system integrators will design a system that meets your personal needs, overall aesthetics and budget.

We respect your unique vision in creating your home and ensure its reliability every step of the way. That's why, from concept to design to integration, we work seamlessly with your builder, architect, designer, providing all of the schematics and documentation they need, so that together, we can focus on satisfying the most important person of all: you.